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Whether it's building websites from the ground up, or upgrading from other websites, We've got you covered. From design & creation, right through to hosting and advertising.


TBM Group

Innovators in motion

It only takes customers a short time spent on our websites to not only see the difference in quality, but to feel it. Our innovative platforms comprise speed, functionality and compatibility, whilst always maintaining a professional, clean aesthetic. Quick load times and speedy transitions are fundamental to any websites success, and seamless integrations are what set our websites apart from the rest.


Our design philosophy revolves around this fact, which is why our websites not only look the part, but act it too!.

Express checkouts are proven to lead to more sales and a higher turnover over, and ours are in a league of their own.

From selecting an item, to order completion in a flash.

Fair pricing, as it should be...

Why pay an arm and a leg?

Nobody likes paying a percentage, on anything! Why should your hard work and continued development mean we take an ever increasing/uncapped amount of money from you per month? That concept would be scary if we were talking about a phone bill, so why is there a different conception around websites? We are fully transparent with our pricing, it’s simple: One upfront cost for the time our team put in to building your site and tailoring it to your needs, then a small monthly fee at a set rate for hosting, maintenance, and 24/7 support. Amounts will be agreed before any work begins, so there are no nasty hidden costs down the line. What a relief!


Multi-Channel eCommerce

Sell in more places, from the same place.

We provide an eCommerce experience rich in functionality and transparency, to help you learn quickly how increasingly competitive markets behave and evolve. You will gain access to numerous features that attract, convert and retain consumers, as well as a powerful back office that monitors, catalyses and charters data in an easily digestible manner. Reaching your target audience quickly, has never been simpler. Our management system allows you to conveniently and efficiently list products and update inventories, which can easily be rolled out to multiple store fronts. Further features include publishing store content, set and monitor sales and promotions and process orders. Importantly, our platforms always allow for customer engagement and access to analytical reporting data regarding your site’s performance, so you can always be a step ahead of the competition, and your target audience.

SEO & Google AdWords

How to turn heads.

The use of SEO and Google Ad Words is invaluable to getting your site noticed, but without a decent understanding of how they work and how the competition are also trying to use them, you can have a hard time getting noticed! This is where a lot of businesses fall short. One of the main factors behind our success is our team of SEO Specialists, who are continually developing the best strategies and understanding of web marketing imaginable, and they will be here to support and guide you along the way. All the sites we provide are optimised for a cross channel strategy, and our teams work to ensure email, PPC and social media are fully supported and integrated to boost the reach of your site, locally or globally.


Google Shopping Management experts

It's what we do.

Starting with the basics we ensure your campaigns are ready from the get go. We look at source feeds and ensure everything down to the product titles are fully optimised. We have the ability to ensure titles selected produce the best click through rate, leading to those all-important conversions. Take advantage of transparent reporting and full control of your Google Shopping Campaign with the assistance of our experts, who can provide targeted and performance-based approaches. Teignbridgemedia provide personalised services. We take care of your campaigns as if they were our own. Each client is given the highest level of care and attention, and provided with the knowledge to set you apart from the rest.


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