Looking to upgrade or migrate?

We can migrate, take over and support existing Magento builds at whatever stage you've reached.

Here at TBM Group, with over 10 years of experience in building, upgrading and migrating websites, we’ve got all the tools and knowledge to achieve successful transformation of your ecommerce website.

With a modern and up to date website, interesting content and killer branding your business will become the number one go to online store once again. With the latest technology using Magento 2.4+ platform we’ve got you covered.

Our platforms are robust and able to handle huge traffic from the get go, meaning your site will be futureproofed for growth, which is guaranteed to come with our marketing and ad framework. We have a dedicated support team looking after servers / updates to ensure your site is working to its full potential, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

I strongly believe we can take your website to another level, and would love to have it as part of my personal portfolio.

My team have accomplished many impressive achievements; such as:

One of our sites achieved sales over 250k in just one morning before 10am on Black Friday, during incredible web traffic with no downtime!

With marketing we have found a way to keep the cost to a minimum on PLA _ google ad words product listing ads with reports which allows you to identify which of your products are not showing on page one allowing to edit bids on just a selected few products (this is just a basic outline).

Cache warming - Speed is key! We’ve built a custom program to run each day to warm up your most popular pages - this has a real advantage on your competitors.

We have a small client database however combined over 10,000 feedback reviews which speaks volumes.

We are specialists in Magento able to work in all versions, as well as migrating older versions to the newest platforms, with ease. Our advisors will be able to give you advice on what platform will work best for you, and the benefits of each of them, so feel free to get in touch!


Website Look

Simply improving the aesthetics of your website can do a lot to customer reactions to your products. The look of your website has a fundamental impact on your future clients. We make sure that your website speaks your brand and communicates the value of your products.

Engaging Content

Just because you are operating an e-commerce website, that doesn’t mean your content should consist only of product descriptions. In order to maximize SEO and engage a long-term user base, you need an interesting content. Our team of SEO Specialists, who are continually developing the best strategies and understanding of web marketing imaginable, will be here to support and guide you along the way.


Purchase Process

Once you’ve attracted clients to your site and convinced them to purchase your products, you still need to close the deal. In-person, that part of the process would be relatively easy. However, on the internet, you aren’t there to take the deal over the finish line. The website needs to act as your closer. And that is why we want your purchasing process to be as simple and easy as possible.

Customer Service

We don't think about e-commerce as making a sale. We think of it as making the next sale because we know that you want to develop long-standing relationships with your clients, taking the pressure off customer acquisition and leading to long-term growth and better margins.

Looking to upgrade

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